Organizing FAQs

Why should I hire a Professional Organizer?

Many life circumstances, such as the death of a spouse, birth of a child, or a divorce, prevent us from doing things we would like or need to do. Sometimes, we are just so busy with our day-to-day life that, before we know it our “things” have accumulated and we don’t know where to begin to gain control. We understand how quickly your space can become overwhelming. HHS can objectively evaluate your space to help you create the space you dream of having. We keep you focused, offer support and help you decide which systems work best for you and your family.

Is hiring a Professional Organizer worth the expense?

YES! Think about the amount of time you spend looking for misplaced items, as well as the amount of money you spend buying multiples of things you can’t find. HHS helps create systems that will save you valuable time and money.

My space is the worst you have ever seen. Should I straighten up before you come?

NO! Please do not straighten up before we come! The best way to evaluate your space is to see it the way it is and determine your needs based on how the space is currently being used. We will work together to devise a system that will work best in your space, based on your needs and daily routine.

I can never stay organized. How will working with an organizer help this time?

Heartful Home Solutions will create a system with you that works for you. We customize an organizing solution that you will be able to maintain. We help people get from where they are now to where they want to be. As long as you have the desire for new results, we will help motivate you to achieve your goals! As they say in sports, “You gotta want it”!

How long does it take to get organized?

Every home is unique and every client has different challenges. HHS has the knowledge and experience to help the process move efficiently and effectively. We will help you avoid distractions in order to keep you on track to meet your goals. Some clients work on creating their new space only during scheduled sessions and others continue working on their space between visits. It is entirely up to you.

Are you going to make me get rid of stuff?

We never force anyone to get rid of their possessions. We understand that many of your belongings can be very sentimental. Something as small as a recipe, written by a deceased parent can hold value to you. You have total control over which items you wish to keep and those that do not hold value to you anymore. We help guide you through the decision making process.

What should I do with the things that I do not want to hold onto?

We strongly recommend that you discuss with your family how you want to proceed. You may choose to have an estate or garage sale or you may want to donate or give to someone special. Heartful Home Solutions, LLC has an extensive list of resources that will help you to make an informed choice.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. Copies of our insurance documents will be provided.

Are your services confidential?

Yes. Heartful Home Solutions, LLC is a member of both the National Association of Professional Organizers and the United States Personal Chef Association. These organizations have a strict Code of Ethics that HHS follows in all of our business practices. We hold all client information with complete confidentiality. We will not disclose any information to outside sources unless agreed upon by our client with the release of confidentiality form.

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