Personal Chef FAQs

Why should I hire a Personal Chef?
In our fast paced world we struggle to maintain. There always seems to be so many items on the ‘to-do’ list. By hiring a personal chef it allows you more time to be with your family, run errands or just have fun!

Is hiring a Personal Chef worth the expense?
YES! Think about the amount of time you spend planning, shopping and preparing each meal. The convenience of a personal chef is possible, practical and affordable. You will receive delicious meals that are custom designed for you and your family.

What is the advantage of a Personal Chef?
No need to eat out or running through the drive through. HHS, LLC prepares meals that are prepared specifically to you. Food items that you find in the deli section or frozen food section of the grocery are prepared for the masses. We create dishes you specifically request – we will even try to re-create Great Aunt Lois’s popular spaghetti sauce or Grandma’s stew!



How does this process start?
A free in-home consultation will determine what your needs are. Based on this assessment, I will do my ‘homework’ and send you a menu plan for your review.

How should I prepare for the cooking date?
HHS, LLC requests that the kitchen surfaces are clean and clear (i.e. no dirty dishes or cluttered counter space.) We need lots of space to work our magic! Your stove, oven and refrigerator should be in proper working order. We also request that space is provided in the refrigerator and freezer to store the groceries until they are needed for preparing your dishes and for storing all the yummy final results!

What happens on our scheduled cooking day?
On our scheduled cooking day, you can expect the following:

  • Patsy will shop for your groceries
  • Patsy will arrive at your home with everything needed to prepare your meals
  • Your meals will be prepared and packaged according to your family’s needs
  • You will receive any information on the proper reheating instructions
  • Patsy will clean your kitchen and leave your home within a 4 to 5 hour period

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. Copies of our insurance documents will be provided.

Are your services confidential?
Yes. Heartful Home Solutions, LLC is a member of both the National Association of Professional Organizers and the United States Personal Chef Association. These organizations have a strict Code of Ethics that HHS follows in all of our business practices. We hold all client information with complete confidentiality. We will not disclose any information to outside sources unless agreed upon by our client with the release of confidentiality form.

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