How a “non-sport” mom organizes her family for Sport activities

The whistle blows (figuratively) at our house on a regular basis. I have two children who are completely into sports. However, getting out of the house, with everything needed for the day and in a timely manner, can be challenging. This is so when you consider the fact that I am not a much of […]

Risotto Anyone?

My husband, Mark, and I had a date last Friday evening. Not a date in the sense of going out and doing something but a date in helping each other. I am not particularly good at making changes to my website and he is not particularly good at cooking. So, we were going to help […]

Timing Chores

Household chores have never been a favorite of mine but in order to keep things running smoothly, they must get done. The holiday festivities wrecked havoc in so many ways! The kitchen becomes one of the busiest elf workshops in our home. Then other parts of the home become a bit neglected. Yesterday became the […]

How Much Jewelry Do You Have?

As with all clients, I do a phone interview to assess whether or not HHS will be a good fit.  This potential client called and told me that she has a lot of jewelry and wants to have it organized.  I explained that I have helped other clients organize their jewelry and she liked my ideas. I […]

Cranberry Bites

For fun, here is an easy holiday appetizer. It is super easy to make, especially if you have left over cranberry relish from Thanksgiving. If you do not have leftovers, below is the recipe I used when I made the relish. You can also purchase a bit of relish from the deli section of the […]

Christmas Decorating Storage Idea

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with a client that had such an awesome idea I almost burst at the seams with excitement! ‘What is the idea?’  Well… drum roll please!  Foam protectors! What?!!! Yes, I said, FOAM PROTECTORS!  They come in various sizes. The material is ‘styrofoamy’ and the item fits right […]

Gearing Up for the Holidays

I am so excited, Thanksgiving is fast approaching! It is one of my favorite holidays. Well, besides April Fool’s Day – which is a different story. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of a lot of chaos, people, animals, and laughing.  The food is little more elaborate and time consuming but delicious! What I love about this holiday […]

Patsy, Why Are You A Personal Chef?

Many people are fascinated when they hear that I am a Personal Chef. There are lots of questions about what a Personal Chef does, why I became a Personal Chef and why I added it as a service to my organizing business. I will start with, ‘What is a Personal Chef’? A Personal Chef design’s […]

Old and Back to New Letters

Everyone, at sometime in their life, feels a bit overwhelmed by their personal belongings!  Even professional organizers! My home can be the epitome of ‘life gets in the way’.  When my youngest child started Kindergarten I was in the midst of transitioning my elderly mother from her home to an Assisted Living facility.  During that […]

Ikea Opening Day

Pictured above from top left to right: Myself, Christy DeJohn from Transistions TLC, Sheila DeHart from Tidy Up Organizing, Lisa Bianco from Perfectly Organized STL, LLC, Gretchen Bender from Creative Spaces Organizing, LLC and Lisa Gilliam from Six Hour Organizer Don’t judge me… but, I went to Ikea ON opening day!!! Oh, yes I did! […]