How a “non-sport” mom organizes her family for Sport activities

The whistle blows (figuratively) at our house on a regular basis. I have two children who are completely into sports. However, getting out of the house, with everything needed for the day and in a timely manner, can be challenging. This is so when you consider the fact that I am not a much of a sporty person. It is no surprise that I was once voted the worst sports’ mom ever. Thankfully, I have gotten better.

I am not pretending that this list is exhaustive but I have presented for your reading pleasure, some of the reasons why I am not a sporty person and not asked to help the coach:

  • Not realizing the baseball hat can be made smaller. Although, my little daughter’s head was thoroughly covered.
  • Sending the same child to softball practice in flip flops.
  • My son overheard a parent tell me that his son could not go to baseball practice because he could not find his cup. I thought he meant his sons water bottle. My son corrected me. I still laugh out loud whenever I think of this.
  • When the volleyball coach talked about three games, I thought the season only had three games, hmmm.

When my daughter tried out for a select soccer team, I told the coach, “I’m not really into all this sports stuff”. He still laughs to this day and says, “you really weren’t trying to sell me!”

Fortunately, she made the team and has loved every minute of it. Moreover, we love her coach!

Despite not being the picture-perfect-sports-mom and have had to learn everything I know now that is related to my kids’ sports from the basics, I have persevered.

Here are a few things that have helped us get out of the door, with all of the needed paraphernalia, ON TIME!

  • First and probably most important: The family rule!

Our kids know that once they sign up for a sport, they become a member of the sport’s team. As a member of the team you need to be there for every practice and game – on time. There are extenuating circumstances, however they know that when there is a practice or game, they need to get there on time and be ready to play once they arrive.

  • A family calendar that is marked with games and practices.

This way they can view it daily and know at a glance what they have for that day and what time it is scheduled. This help in ensuring that they do not miss practices and games.

  • I placed a basket on top of the dryer in our laundry room for each child.

The only items placed in the baskets are their school uniforms and their current sports uniform. This helps them easily find their uniform when it is time to get dressed.

  • I lowered the water bottle container in our kitchen in order for them to be able to access them easily and fill them.
  • They have a sports backpack that they keep filled with the items that are needed for that sport. For instance, my son keeps his baseball glove, bat, weight and training ball in the bag. We have other bats, balls, etc. in the garage for practice but the items in the bag stay in the bag in order to just grab it and run out of the door.

Then, through trial and tribulation, I discovered the need for a tournament checklist. These days can be hot and l-o-n-g! In order to keep everyone happy and not too overcome by heat or hunger, I bring the following:

  • Snacks, such as: cheese, fruit, vegetables, crackers or cereal bars. This saves us money and prevents us from buying greasy and potentially nauseating food.
  • Umbrellas, to protect us from the sun.
  • Suntan lotion and bug spray.
  • Extra water bottles and energy drinks to maintain/fuel the electrolytes.
  • Phone chargers because some of the locations drain the battery really fast.

I realized that when they played sports that they were not particularly fond of, they would stall for time. This observation shows that it is extremely helpful that kids find pleasure in the sports that they partake. When they were young we wanted them to try a variety of sports. As the years went by, they began to shift their attention to a few chosen sports that they really enjoy.

When they look forward to going, they get themselves ready and make sure they have everything they need.