Timing Chores

Household chores have never been a favorite of mine but in order to keep things running smoothly, they must get done. The holiday festivities wrecked havoc in so many ways! The kitchen becomes one of the busiest elf workshops in our home. Then other parts of the home become a bit neglected. Yesterday became the ‘let’s pull this place together’ day. The curious part of me decided to time my activities to see how long each task took to complete.

I always start from the point of entry into our home. So, I started with the foyer. In the foyer I found three days of mail, eight pair of shoes and several gifts that needed a home. The mail took the longest. I filed documents for HHS, my mom and my family. I shredded and recycled what I could. I found about ten Christmas cards that I had not opened and placed them in the decorative holder. The mail took eight minutes. The shoes and gifts took another three minutes. Foyer was complete in less than fifteen minutes!

Then, I moved into the kitchen. I emptied and refilled the dishwasher – seven minutes. I found a home for the new gifts that the kids were playing with at the kitchen table, two minutes. I cleared the countertops, wiped everything down and emptied the trash- nine minutes. Lastly, I needed to put away the miscellaneous serving trays and utensils, three minutes. Good to know that at a worst case scenario, it takes about twenty minutes to pull the kitchen back together after a whirlwind of creating deliciousness for five different parties!

Next, I moved on to the ‘to-do’ file that I keep in the kitchen. I grabbed the few random pieces of mail that needed to be done a.s.a.p. I paid a couple of bills, contacted the insurance company about a medication and waited on hold for a company that I needed to talk to about a bill. Although I was on hold for a long time, I found out that we didn’t owe them, they owe us!!! Absolutely, worth the wait! However, it took fifty five minutes to complete all of the little details that I put off until after the holidays.

Unfortunately, when my kids do not know where to put something they end up dumping it on the floor of my bedroom. I was dreading this, but when I timed myself I found out that it took me less than ten minutes! It did look like a tornado hit but I was surprised at how little time it took to pull it together. Luckily, the kids’ rooms were surprisingly tidy!
I also felt pretty lucky because the rest of the house was in pretty good shape. Tidying up the other parts of the house took less than ten minutes and that included separating the laundry.

Having the kids’ home was great! They cleaned the bathrooms!

I liked timing myself when the house was at its worst.  Now I know that if the situation isn’t as bad as it was this time it will not take as long next time.  Also, I may not dread it as much!  With this knowledge, I can squeeze in a quick chore when I know I don’t have a lot of time.  Try this at your home and see how long a task takes.  Achieving even one small task will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Now that all of this is complete, I can enjoy the Christmas decorations with a sense of calm.