How Much Jewelry Do You Have?

As with all clients, I do a phone interview to assess whether or not HHS will be a good fit.  This potential client called and told me that she has a lot of jewelry and wants to have it organized.  I explained that I have helped other clients organize their jewelry and she liked my ideas.

I have never seen so much jewelry in one place, other than a jewelry store.  She loves to wear rings on all of her fingers, bejeweled ears and strings of necklaces all at the same time.  She changes her jewelry every day.  She never wears the same jewelry from day to day.  Because of this, she has an enormous amount of jewelry and was feeling overwhelmed.

Here is what we did:

  • I took a picture of every piece of jewelry.
  • My client is very fortunate.  She has an acquaintance in the jewelry industry who was willing to come to her home and give an approximate retail value of the jewelry.
  • In order to help facilitate and expedite the process, I put a sticky note of the approximate value and any special notes mentioned on each piece of jewelry.
  • Then I  went to work organizing.  I created an album in Snapfish.
  • I separated the pictures into the following categories: Costume, Under $100, Between $100 and $250, Over $250, Silpada (because, yes, she had that much Silpada that it needed its own category), and sentimental.
  • Each picture had a note with important details. Notes included value and condition.   If an item was broken the note included what needed to be repaired, i.e. needs new clasp, needs to be restrung, missing stones, worth fixing, not worth fixing, etc.  If it was hard to tell from the picture what an item was, a note was added to the picture. For example, because she has multiple pins that look alike, I noted that the item was a pin rather then earrings.

Next, she wanted a system that would help her find a specific piece of jewelry very quickly.  She mentioned that she has a tall narrow armoire in basement that is hardly being used.  We went to look at it.  After measuring the armoire, we determined that it would fit perfectly in her closet.  In order to find things more quickly she purchased many clear acrylic containers to put her jewelry in.  Purchasing these containers helped her eliminate many of the original boxes that she kept her jewelry in.  So, instead of 12 individual ring boxes, she now has one clear box that separates each ring.   They also work great for earrings too.  We used unused paper towel holders for large bangle bracelets and several different necklace holders to accommodate the many necklaces she has.  Now everything is displayed and labeled in the armoire.

Displaying the jewelry in the armoire makes returning an item super easy!  Everything is very visible.   The end result is amazing.  I wish I could show pictures but she preferred that I not take any.

Just when I thought everything was complete, she mentioned the jewelry in her safety deposit box.

  • She had 16 items in her safety deposit box.  I took pictures of the items and added them to the album.
  • She took these items to a jeweler for official appraisals (always take pictures of the items before you take it in for an appraisal).
  • Once she receives the jewelry back from the jeweler she plans on putting it back into her safety deposit box.

This has given her peace of mind.

The benefits:

  • An online album of all of her jewelry.
  • Her daughter has access to the pictures too.  Her daughter loves to borrow her mom’s jewelry so they look through the pictures together over the phone when her daughter wants to borrow a specific piece of jewelry.
  • We had an album printed.  She took this album to her insurance agent in order to make sure she has enough coverage.  I highly recommend taking pictures for insurance purposes.
  • The album was then placed into her safety deposit box.
  • When she receives or purchases more jewelry she can add the pictures to the album.

I loved creating this system.  It was loads of fun!  The best part about working with her was hearing the stories behind the jewelry, i.e. trips, gifts and more!